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Bone Grafting

Your jawbone requires stimulation from healthy tooth roots in order to stay strong. Losing even a single tooth can lead to bone atrophy. 

A bone graft from Dr. Justin M. Schlaikjer adds volume back to the jawbone and can help make you a candidate for dental implants.

See why patients turn to our St. Louis, MO, practice for bone grafts and dental implant procedures...

Why Get a Bone Graft?

Losing a tooth does more than leave a gap in your smile. Tooth roots are vital to keeping the jawbone strong. Without stimulation from the roots, the jawbone loses density, causing the jaw to shrink over time. The remaining teeth will shift, causing complications for your bite and oral health. 

A bone graft can increase jawbone density again after bone loss and create a solid foundation for dental implants. Without enough bone tissue in the jawbone, implants will not have the proper support to be effective. 

These combined dental procedures will give your back your bite and help maintain the integrity of your jaw for years to come. 

Illustration showing a cross-section of jaw before bone grafting, during healing, and after implant placement

"This Dr. is amazing."


Tim Schoemehl


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This Dr is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of periodontal work! His staff is also amazing! Thank all of you very much!

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Kyle Brown


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Dr. Schlaikjer and his staff are absolutely incredible!!! There aren't enough fantastic words to describe him and his practice, I highly reccomend them to everyone!

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The Bone Grafting Procedure

Although all bone grafting treatments are personalized to meet each patient's needs, each graft has similar steps. Here's what to expect during a bone graft with Dr. Schlaikjer in St.  Louis, MO. 
Our St. Louis practice offers sedation to help ensure your comfort during surgery. 
Our St. Louis practice offers sedation to help ensure your comfort during surgery. 


Local anesthesia is administered for your comfort, numbing the treatment area. If you have dental anxiety or difficulty sitting still, sedation is available to help you relax during the procedure. 


The doctors access the underlying bone through a small incision made along the gumline.

Graft Placing

The graft material is placed to fill in the holes from bone loss. Bone graft material can be natural or synthetic. 


Once the graft material is in place around the bone, the incision is closed with stitches.

The Recovery Process

It can take about four to six months to completely heal from your bone grafting. During these months, the graft encourages the growth of new bone. Do not smoke or use tobacco products while your mouth is healing as it can interfere with a successful bone graft recovery. Tobacco will also hinder your candidacy for dental implants.

You will attend regular checkups at our St. Louis dental office so our doctors can make sure your gums are healing as intended. If you experience any pain or unexplained bleeding weeks or months after your bone graft, contact us right away. 

Planning For Implants

Once you are fully healed from your bone grafting procedure, your jaw should have enough density for implants to fuse with your bone.

Our doctors recommend implants for their stability and superior function compared to traditional prosthetics. Implants also act like tooth roots, stimulating the bone in your jaw and preventing atrophy from reoccurring. 

After the implants fuse with bone and bone graft material, they're virtually as strong as natural teeth. Durable and capable of lasting a lifetime, implants are the superior choice to replace missing teeth. 

Ilustration of a dental implant in the jaw

Covering Treatment Costs

As a restorative treatment, bone grafting may be covered by your insurance. If your dental insurance covers part of your bone graft, our team will be happy to work with your provider to get the most from your benefits. 

Financing is available for patients who qualify. CareCredit® and LendingClub spread treatment costs into a series of payments. This makes treatment accessible, allowing people to fit this life-changing treatment into their budget. 

"Highly recommend."


Stan Nieweglowski


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Dr. Schlaikjer is a true professional. This was my first procedure of the sort and he, along with his staff, made it a breeze. I barely felt a thing.

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Ben Cohn


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Very skilled, very meticulous practitioner with a great, reassuring manner. Helpful, attentive staff. Good outcomes for all 3 procedures he's done for me. Highly recommend.

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Justin Schlaikjer, DDS

Dr. Justin Schlaikjer provides personalized periodontal care to help his patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. He is dedicated to the highest level of care: 

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