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Gum Contouring

Excess gum tissue can make you feel self-conscious about your teeth's appearance. 

Gum contouring can reshape your gum line to reveal your teeth and beautify your smile. 

St. Louis, MO, comes to Justin M. Schlaikjer, DDS for gum contouring because our dentist is an experienced periodontal expert. 

What Gum Contouring
Can Do For You


Gum contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is performed to correct a variety of gum issues. During a single treatment at our St. Louis office, our dentists can precisely remove excess gum tissue to give you a reshaped, attractive smile. 

We Use Advanced Laser Technology

Our team has invested in cutting-edge dental technology to achieve the best gum tissue reduction results. Most notably, we utilize BIOLASE dental lasers. The laser precision of this device allows for much more accurate control than a traditional steel scalpel. This lets our dentists beautifully refashion the gum around each tooth. 

Our laser technology also minimizes side effects like pain and bleeding by cauterizing the gums as excess tissue is removed. This makes the procedure itself easier and promotes a more rapid recovery because the gums are immediately sealed. 

Trust Your Gums to a Periodontist

Dr. Justin M. Schlaikjer is a certified periodontist, meaning he has specialized training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease. As a periodontist, he has elevated knowledge of all gum issues. 

Gum contouring itself is relatively simple. However, a gummy smile can have multiple complex causes. These include gingival hyperplasia and altered passive eruption. Dr. Schlaikjer's periodontal expertise allows him to identify the cause of your gummy smile and perform contouring tailored to your needs. 

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Schlaikjer actively seeks out continuing education opportunities. This ensures his cosmetic dentistry techniques remain at the cutting edge of gum care. 

Request Our Trusted Dentistry

Our dentist understand that optimal treatment requires more than advanced technology and heightened skill. The patient-periodontist relationship is extremely important to him. Drs. Justin Schlaikjer is known for his caring, non-judgmental approach to dentistry. He also strives to make the St. Louis office as comfortable as possible. 

Our dedication to each patient stretches from each individual tooth all the way to budgetary concerns. Unfortunately, due its cosmetic nature, gum contouring is not typically covered by the many insurances we accept. Our team increases the affordability of out-of-pocket procedures by accepting flexible financing options like CareCredit® and LendingClub.

Call or send us a message to request your gum contouring consultation with our patient-focused periodontist. 

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Dr. Schlaikjer
Dr. Schlaikjer has over 10 years of experience in dentistry.

St. Louis Says Great Things About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Team


Tim Schoemehl


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This Dr is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of periodontal work! His staff is also amazing! Thank all of you very much!

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Mike Manion


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Dr Schlaikjer and his staff are very professional and friendly. If I knew how painless and easy the procedure was, I would have
come in sooner.  They are GREAT!

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Gum Contouring Vs. BOTOX Cosmetic


BOTOX® Cosmetic is sometimes used by patients to lower their upper lip, thereby hiding their gummy smile. However, this option is a temporary stopgap that, unlike contouring, does not provide lasting results. Gum contouring is the preferred solution because it permanently removes excess gum tissue. 

We May Need to Enhance Your Oral Health Before Contouring Your Gums

Patients who seek gum contouring typically have only cosmetic concerns. However, to receive this procedure a patient should be free of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues prior to treatment.

It is sometimes the case that a patient comes to us unaware of their existing oral health issues. When this occurs, a gum contouring consultation has the added benefit of identifying conditions that must be treated. Our expert periodontists can evaluate the state of your mouth and provide both cosmetic and restorative dentistry if necessary.  

Contouring Can Prepare For Other Cosmetic Procedures

Our dentists offer a host of transformative dental procedures. The effects of some of these can be greatly enhanced by receiving preparatory gum contouring. For example, a dental crown can be placed on a tooth to both restore its appearance and provide protection for the tooth. When preceded by gum contouring, the placement of a dental crown can achieve more dramatic aesthetic improvement for a given tooth. 

We Will Help You Maintain Gum Health

Our periodontists want our patients to get the most out of their treatment. It is often the case that gum contouring recipients feel a renewed desire to take care of their gums. These are some tips our team can give you to do just that. 


Making sure to brush your gums and tongue in addition to your teeth is very important. Our dental team can recommend electric tooth brush brands that are more efficient than traditional manual brushes. 


Flossing is an often overlooked part of oral care. Flossing at least once a day is a must. Incorporating flossing into your daily routine can remove deep-seated plaque that brushing can't reach. 


Using a therapeutic mouthwash can prevent gum disease, reduce plaque, and slow the spread of tartar. Mouthwash can also get rid of hard-to reach debris that brushing and flossing miss. 


Maintaining a regular appointment schedule with our periodontists is key. It allows us to detect potential issues before they worsen and gives us the opportunity to clean your teeth and gums. 

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Toni Brinker


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By far, the BEST experience I’ve ever had at a medical office. The staff/doctor was so accommodating, and made me feel super welcome and comfortable. At one point during my visit I told them I felt like I was at a spa! They treat their patients so well and give you their undivided attention.

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Stan Nieweglowski


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Dr. Schlaikjer is a true professional. This was my first procedure of the sort and he, along with his staff, made it a breeze. I barely felt a thing.

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Justin Schlaikjer, DDS

Dr. Justin Schlaikjer provides personalized periodontal care to help his patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. He is dedicated to the highest level of care: 

  • Uses state-of-the-art technology
  • Takes his time with each patient
  • Focuses on patient education
  • Offers flexible financing options

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (314) 729-7840.

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