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Gum Graft

Gum recession is a progressive periodontal condition that can lead to pain, sensitivity, or tooth loss if not treated by a periodontist.

At Justin M. Schlaikjer, DDS, MS Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we can perform a gum graft to restore damaged tissue.

Let our St. Louis, MO, team treat your receding gums to improve your oral health and comfort.

Signs of Gum Recession

  • Pain at the Gum Line
  • Tooth Root Exposure
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Uneven Gum Line
  • Loose Teeth
  • Bleeding After Brushing

The Top Benefits of Gum Grafting

Protect Your Smile

Gum recession is often a consequence of untreated periodontal disease. Both gum recession and advanced periodontal disease are considered chronic issues, and will cause more widespread dental problems if left untreated. With periodontal treatments such as gum graft surgery, Dr. Schlaikjer can control gum disease, stop gum recession, and prevent the loss of a tooth.

Smile with Confidence

Uneven or damaged gum tissue can affect the balance and symmetry of your smile, making each affected tooth appear longer than it actually is. When performing a gum graft, our periodontist will create a healthier, more even gumline that helps your smile look more balanced and more beautiful, boosting your confidence.

Save Money in the Long Run

Many patients put off soft tissue grafting because they think they don't need the procedure. But leaving gum recession or gum disease untreated can lead to more extensive issues, including tooth loss and bone loss. These problems may require expensive restorative dentistry work, such as traditional dental implants or All-on-4® dental implants.

Restore Your Comfort

Gum recession can leave the roots of a tooth exposed and prone to sensitivity, which can make eating and drinking painful. A gum graft addresses root exposure, reducing sensitivity and relieving discomfort. Gum graft surgery allows you to comfortably enjoy all your favorite hot and cold drinks and foods again and makes practicing good oral hygiene more comfortable.

Don't Risk Your Oral Health Call our St. Louis practice today

Gum recession may seem minor, especially if it isn't causing pain. However, when left untreated, gum issues can lead to further oral health complications, including tooth loss. Dr. Justin Schlaikjer is an experienced periodontist who can effectively resolve your gum issues, including gum disease. We tailor treatment to each individual in a comfortable environment.

If you are experiencing signs of gum recession, gum grafting, and other solutions can help prevent further issues and protect your oral health. Contact us online or call us in St. Louis, MO, to request an appointment today.

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Dr. Justin Schlaikjer

"What a difference." Here's What Satisfied St. Louis Patients Say


Pourya Shamsi

Sunset Hills, MO


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I was referred to Dr. Justin for gum grafting. I was like “another waste of money on something hooey”. Boy I was wrong. He did his work which took about 2 months for the whole two part procedure and wow. What a difference. My gums look all shiny and new. As if I never had a recession. Loved it. Now I want to do the rest of my teeth/gum. Looks really nice.

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Courtney EurekaSmile

Sunset Hills, MO


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My son was involved in a car accident and had to have gum grafting. Dr Schlaikjer and his team were very informative, professional and went out of their way to make my son and I feel comfortable and important. They are very personable and easy to talk to. My son has had great results with his procedure and we are so thankful to have found Dr. Schlaikjer!

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The Three Types of Gum Grafting

The type of gum graft used during your procedure will vary depending on your needs. Your periodontist will recommend which type of gum graft is right for you.

Connective Tissue Graft

During a connective tissue graft, your periodontist will create a flap on the roof of the mouth, then transfer the layer of connective tissue beneath the flap to the treatment area. This is the most common type of gum graft surgery to treat cosmetic problems.

Free Gingival Graft

During a free gingival graft, a periodontist transfers tissue from the roof of the mouth to build up and strengthen the areas where gum recession has occurred. This kind of graft is typically used for people who want to thicken their gums.

Lateral Pedicle Graft

If you have enough healthy gum tissue near the treatment site, your periodontist will partially cut away some gum tissue so one edge remains attached. The healthy gum tissue is then stretched and folded over the treatment site to restore the gumline.

Why Visit a Periodontist?

Dental lasers

By choosing a periodontist rather than a general dentist, you will receive specialized dental care from a doctor who focuses on periodontal health. Unlike dentists, periodontists focus on the treatment of the gums, which allows them to provide more personalized treatment and deliver outstanding results. 

Our dental office in St. Louis, MO, is also equipped with the latest tools, including dental lasers, which are designed to make procedures like soft tissue grafts safe, efficient, and comfortable.

Whether you need a gingivectomy or need to resolve other periodontal issues prior to dental implant placement, our office can meet your needs.

Insurance and Financing For Gum Grafting

Our St. Louis practice accepts most dental insurance providers to help cover the cost of your gum grafting. Coverage varies based on plans and providers. To help those without insurance or to help finance costs not covered by your dental insurance, we accept CareCredit® and Lending Club®. This allows patients to break up the cost of treatment into affordable monthly payments.

"They truly care about their patients" We Make St. Louis Smile


Tim Schoemehl

Sunset Hills, MO


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This Dr is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of periodontal work! His staff is also amazing! Thank all of you very much!

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Toni Brinker

Sunset Hills, MO


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By far, the BEST experience I’ve ever had at a medical office. Dr. Schlaikjer was very informative and took his time, he was funny (as well as the staff), and I know I can trust him, which can be hard to find when it comes to healthcare. They truly, truly care about their patients, and I will definitely be back.

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Justin Schlaikjer, DDS

Dr. Justin Schlaikjer provides personalized periodontal care to help his patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. He is dedicated to the highest level of care: 

  • Uses state-of-the-art technology
  • Takes his time with each patient
  • Focuses on patient education
  • Offers flexible financing options

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (314) 729-7840.

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